Triumph and Tragedy: Thoughts about Norway

The tragedy in Norway reminds us that evil and extremism can, and does, exist everywhere.

But I’m reminded that for every coward like the killer there are a thousand points of light doing good.

Points of light like my Norwegian friend,  Tommy Rasmussen.  We met him last year in eastern Congo.  He had made three recent trips to this war torn area putting together a project to build a house for Congolese rape victims.

His passion and commitment to this cause was striking.  While there, he purchased the land to build.  We saw his compassion for the young people of Goma area.

I’ll soon forget the name or face of the sorry human who tried to make his hateful statement by killing innocents.  But I won’t forget the face of  Tommy, another Norwegian on a totally different mission.

A mission of mercy.
May be all be guilty of that mission.

Curt Iles

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