Good Words to Remember

I asked my friend Randy Smith for permission to share his personal resolutions.  I believe they’ll be a blessing to you.

I like each of them, including “Listen to the Martins.”   Birds are one of God’s gifts to us reminding us of his creation and care.

Randy is working in the Middle East right now.  Pray for him and send a word of encouragement/affirmation


In 1723 Mr. Jonathon Edwards sat down and penned 70 personal resolutions. One of them, number 69 actually, was this: “Resolved always to do that, which I shall wish I had done when I see others do it.” I like that, and it speaks to me both as a call and an indictment as well.

While in Managua, Nicaragua in the late summer months of 2006 I felt compelled to sit down and list within my journal a small list of things in which I wanted to assail myself unto, and avail myself into living out. What are your resolutions? Do you have any? Here are mine:

Never settle for ordinary,

Accept what comes,

Change what is changeable,



Always maintain a teachable spirit,

Explore new methods,

Be quick to let it occur that I could be wrong,

Try new ideas,

Find a routine,

Use what works well for me, not someone else,


Be content,

Be flexible,

Seek counsel from wise people,

Never fear man, death, yourself, or failure,

Fear God always,

Intentionally love,

Purpose to forgive,

Abandon foolish habits,

Repent aggressively,

Will to be willing,

Say something kind to people daily,

Let the positive outweigh the negative,

Stay focused on the main thing,

Jesus is the main thing,

Don’t sweat the small stuff,

It’s all small stuff,

Die a violent death unto self,


Live poured out as a daily drink offering,

Don’t expect much,

Anticipate His glory,

Do good and right,

Cherish your tears,

Listen to the Martins,

Watch the sun come up,

Listen to the waters in the creek,

Remember Jesus in all of your works,

Get alone with the Father,

Give yourself away,

Praise the LORD,

Rejoice in the beauty of life,

Let His love overwhelm you,

Don’t listen to your heart it is incurably wicked,

Abhor sin,

Help instead of hurt,

Heal instead of hinder,

Encourage others,

Pray always,

It’s NEVER EVER too late to live,

It’s NEVER EVER too late to grow,

Live in the death of self,

Savor the moment,

Feel the breeze,

Smile…it’s ALL good!!

Laugh with your children,

Build a tree house,

Make a sheet fort with your kids,

Go camping,

Stand on the Word,

Never back down,

Make a difference,

Become the kind of friend you would want your friend to be,

It gets better…much better.

Thirsting For HIM,

Randy Smith

” Life may not be always good, but living is far better.”

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