The Wayfaring Stranger is free today on Kindle

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. The perfect day to read the story of how Joseph Moore left Ireland in 1849 and ended up in the Louisiana Pineywoods.   The Wayfaring Stranger is free today on Kindle!

As a way of saying thanks to all of our faithful readers, we’re offering our novel,  The Wayfaring Stranger,  free today on Kindle.


You can enjoy the e-book of our first novel that begins the story of Joe and Eliza.

If you prefer an autographed paper copy, you can order at

All we ask is that you write an Amazon review on The Wayfaring Stranger.  If you’ve already read the paperback version, please take time to write a brief and honest review.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Curt Iles

St Patrick Statue foot of Croagh Patrick Mtn. County Mayo, Ireland. Croagh Patrick (Patrick’s Mountain) is where Patrick supposedly flung all of the snakes off the island of Ireland. I climbed it in 2008.


Readers are also taking advantage of our special offer on all twelve of our Creekbank books for $100.  It’s a great deal for readers who want to line up all of our titles on one shelf.  Order here.

All 12 of our present Creekbank titles somewhat in order of release (top to bottom).


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