The Week Ahead: Holding the Rope

I'm a Southern storyteller wherever I go.
      I’m a Southern storyteller wherever I go.

A word from Curt

Oxygen.  We cannot live without it.

Prayer is the oxygen of the soul.  It’s communion between us and the Father.  All made possible by the Son’s sacrifice and release.  And the Spirit guides all believers in how to pray.


DeDe and I depend on our friends who faithfully pray for our work and ministry.

We need your prayer support just as much, if not more, as when we were in Africa.

Here are our top requests:


  1. I’ve cleared my July calendar for the fourth edit of our upcoming novel,  As the Crow Flies.  This sequel to A Good Place asks the question,  “Can a drifting teen find home and peace in 19th Century Louisiana’s No Man’s Land?  Please pray for this book to be a good read that weaves in stories of both faith and adventure.  We’ll be sharing blog posts, twitter #AsTheCrowFlies and Facebook @curtiles.
  2. Our son Terry, his wife Sara, and their daughter Emma are moving to Boston late in the month.  Please pray for open doors on housing and schooling.  DeDe and I will help with the move from NC to Boston.
  3. Pray for DeDe as she returns to the classroom this fall.  She’ll be teaching 4th grade language arts at Our Lady Elementary in Alexandria.
  4. Pray for me as I continue as chaplain at Roy O Martin’s two local mills.  I really feel called to be the hands of Jesus to hurting folks at these workplaces.  At the same time, I’m not there to be preachy, interrupt work, or get run down by a forklift.  Please pray that I’ll maintain the right balance in this work.  When you pray, you’re holding the rope.
Have you ever viewed Jesus's words on the cross as prayer?
Have you ever viewed Jesus’s words on the cross as prayer?



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