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I write to have influence and impact through well-told stories of my Louisiana and African sojourn.

Help us spread the word: Book Signing at Jennings this Saturday.

I’ve done book signings for nearly twenty years. I’ve never had a bad one, but have had every size crowd from none (unless you count a stray dog that sniffed at my foot) to dozens standing in line for an autograph. This Saturday, March 25, I’ll ...

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Nary a Car: In Praise of Pickup Trucks

Nary a Car  . . .   Nary a Car: the parking lot at Roy O. Martin’s Oakdale OSB Mill.   Today, I’m writing about living in the Pickup Truck Culture of western* Louisiana. Where I come from, every man has a truck. I live ...

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The Wayfaring Stranger is free today on Kindle

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. The perfect day to read the story of how Joseph Moore left Ireland in 1849 and ended up in the Louisiana Pineywoods.   The Wayfaring Stranger is free today on Kindle! As a way of saying thanks to all of our ...

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Growing up in a Small Community

Growing up in a Small Community: The Rich Life of Mrs. Eva Cole “Oh, those small communities . . . “ -John Mellencamp   I grew up in Dry Creek, Louisiana. It would be an exaggeration to call it a town. It would be pretentious ...

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Thoughts on a Big Word

Friday, March 10, 2017 Thoughts on a Big Word It’s a word that keeps popping up in my heart. I hope I never forget the importance of it. It’s integrity. A large part of integrity is being honest.  Telling the truth.  Being a man (or ...

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Burnt Yet Blessed

Friday was my last burn day on my longleaf pine acreage. Here are images from what looks like a disaster but is essential to the growth of my trees. Scroll down to read the classic story below, “Burned Yet Blessed.” It is such a fitting ...

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A Gift to You: 3 Quotes to Brighten Your Weekend

Friday, March 3 We’re keeping it simple at the Creekbank Tribe today. I hope you enjoy the quotes and have a great weekend. Please scroll down to help us select a new cover for Stories from the Creekbank. This year, I’ve fallen deeper in love ...

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Last Day to get Collector’s Edition of A Spent Bullet

When we ordered copies of  A Spent Bullet in 2010, we selected several hundred hardback copies. This would allow options for libraries and discerning readers who wanted a more durable copy. I was deeply pleased with the format and look of the hardcover copies, until ...

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Chapter 51: My Favorite Chapter of A Spent Bullet

Quick background:  This chapter, near the end of A Spent Bullet, begins with the soldier, Harry Miller, and the schoolteacher, Elizabeth Reed, stranded on the ferris wheel at the Beauregard Parish Fair. It ends with a marriage proposal and a wise lesson from Elizabeth’s father ...

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Meet Harry Miller: Chapter 2 of A Spent Bullet

Chapter 2 Bad News CLOSE VOTE EXTENDS SERVICE TERM FOR THOUSANDS OF SOLDIERS (Washington) By a vote of 203-202 yesterday, Congress removed restrictions pertaining to federalized National Guard units. This close vote means National Guard soldiers will have their terms extended and may be moved ...

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How it all began: Chapter 1 of A Spent Bullet

We’ve had fun in February sharing stories from our novel, A Spent Bullet.   As America observes the 75th anniversary of what we know as World War II, it is important to remember the men and women who rose to the great challenge. I also ...

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Two Lessons I’m Learning

There are two life lessons I’m presently learning. First, is the power of the outdoors and nature. One of my keywords is L.L.L. Life Long Learning. I wish to finish strong in my life and constantly have a learner’s lean.  Eager to listen, learn, and ...

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A love story between a man and his daughter: “Only One Chance.”

Scroll down to learn how you can get a special copy of A Spent Bullet.      In this passage from A Spent Bullet,  Elizabeth Reed’s father has an infected cut on his hand from being tusked by a hog. An Army Field Hospital is ...

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Buried Treasure: a reader favorite from A Spent Bullet

  Through February, we’re sharing stories from our novel, A Spent Bullet. Today’s chapter is probably my favorite. It’s based on a true story and an example of the wonderful Southern rural hospitality that I love so dearly.   Go to our home page to ...

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