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Curt Iles

I write to have influence and impact through well-told stories of my Louisiana and African sojourn.

Dec. 23: Christmas Eve-Eve

The Hay’s in the Barn It’s “Christmas Eve-Eve.” Two days until Christmas. It’s close but there’s still time for planning and dreaming. A strong cold front is blowing in as I arrive at Foreman’s Meat Market. Last night we were in shirtsleeves. By tonight it ...

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Dec. 22 A New Christmas Story: A Soldier Comes Home

                Another Soldier Comes Home for Christmas I wonder when they finally took his Christmas stocking down. What year did the family remove his vacant chair from the Christmas dining room table? His name was Lt. Commander James ...

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Dec. 21: Lazarus’ Second Funeral from “Christmas Jelly”

Lazarus’ Second Funeral I guess I’m only one who attended both of Boaz Lazurus’ funerals. The second one was yesterday. The first one was thirty-one years ago. I remember the first funeral well. I was a young rabbi, only recently assigned to the Bethany synagogue. ...

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December 20: A Danish Christmas

                     Christmas Jelly. Learn more at   This is chapter 20 from Christmas Jelly. It’s written by one of my favorite people, Erik Pederson.  Mr. Erik touched all of us with his love, humor, and smile. He’ll ...

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December 19: Tractor Time

Christmas Jelly is our latest book of short stories. Learn more at   Tractor Time     When this old world starts getting me down And people are just too much for me to face. I climb way up to the top of the ...

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Dec. 18 Christmas Jelly: The Heavenly Choir

                 The Heavenly Choir Christmas season—The Dry Creek Church choir sings beautifully in a way beyond description. It’s much more than a musical . . . it’s a production . . . replete with drama, stories, and best ...

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December 17 Christmas Jelly “Too Much?”

Christmas Jelly

Too Much Jesus?   As you’ve noticed, many of the stories in Christmas Jelly are about Jesus. He is what Christmas is about. We make no apologies for making him front and center of this book. Once I heard a powerful sermon by one of ...

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December 16 An Old Feed Trough

This is chapter 16 from my short story book, Christmas Jelly An Old Feed Trough   When Mary birthed Jesus ’twas in a cow’s stall, With wise men and farmers and shepherds and all. – “I Wonder as I Wander”   The old barn looks ...

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December 15 The Hardest Day of the Year

The Hardest Day of the Year     Christmas Eve is not when you expect to stand at the cemetery. I’m here with my friend, Julian Campbell. We’re selecting a gravesite for his sister Kathleen, who died yesterday after a brave ten-year battle with cancer. ...

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December 14 Christmas Jelly for you: The Warm Glow of Giving

  We’re blogging Christmas stories. If you enjoyed today’s post, you can read others at Yesterday’s post, “Medic”, is a reader favorite and tomorrow’s, “The Hardest Day of the Year” is especially poignant for those who’ve lost a loved one. The Warm Glow of ...

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December 13 A serving of Christmas Jelly: “Medic”

Medic   “Medic. Medic.” Nazi sniper Unerfeldewebel Franz Schmidt didn’t know English, but in the case of the nearby wounded American soldier, he didn’t need to. The man’s anguished cries were beyond words. Medic. Help. It was somewhere in Belgium on Christmas Eve 1944, and ...

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December 12: Buried Treasure- Thoughts for Christmas

This is the latest installment from Christmas Jelly, our latest short story collection. We’re serving one serving per day. Enjoy today’s story! Buried Treasure       I open the old wooden box and pour out a small pile of old coins, dog tags, buttons, bullets, ...

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December 11: Thoughts on Forgiveness

Tall Pine

Each day in December, we’re spooning out a helping of Christmas Jelly. Today’s story features two illustrations of  forgiveness.  Christmas is a tough time for those with “issues”: hurts from the past, wounds that haven’t healed, bitterness, and regret. Christmas is also a great time ...

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Dec. 10 A Story for You: “No Room at the Inn”

Copies of Uncle Sam and Christmas Jelly

A word from Curt:  Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for being part of the Creekbank Family. I believe you’ll enjoy one of my favorite stories, “No Room at the Inn.”   From Christmas Jelly: No Room at the Inn They say revenge ...

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