Lloyd’s Teeth

Lloyd’s Teeth

Lloyd and Lana have always been one of my favorite couples.  I’ve always described  Lloyd as dapper.  He was impressive to be around.  His wife Lana was equally impressive, always looking twenty years younger than her age and possessing a contagious laugh.

Lana told the following story from the early years of their marriage:

She and Lloyd were on a Florida beach vacation. While enjoying the surf a rogue wave knocked them down and Lloyd lost his false teeth.

They searched the beach daily to no avail.

For the rest of the vacation, Lana ate fresh Gulf seafood, while Lloyd’s eating options were very limited.

Before leaving for home, Lana left their mailing address at their beachfront hotel, and the management promised to mail the teeth should they show up.

Lloyd and Lana never expected to hear from the hotel, so they were pleasantly surprised when a package arrived containing Lloyd’s false teeth.

He put the teeth in. They didn’t fit.


Each time Lana told this story with cackling laughter. Lloyd, always a good sport, grinned sheepishly.

It’s always been one of my favorite stories.

When Lloyd died, Lana asked me to give an eulogy. I was so honored. I asked Lana, “Can I tell Lloyd’s false teeth story?”

“Curt, of course. It would only be fitting for you to share.”

I warned the attendees. “I have Lana’s permission to tell this story, and you have her permission to laugh out loud.”

And they did.


There was so much more to my friend Lloyd Weldon than his false teeth. He was a man of character, a hard worker who provided for his family, and a Godly man. Lloyd was a dedicated and wonderful husband and father. 

I’m so glad he was my friend.

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