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The shortest distance between a human heart and the truth is a story.

-Anthony DeMello


When Curt Iles speaks to your group, you’re going to hear stories.

Curt is more than a speaker. He’s a storyteller.  A storyteller who loves the history, culture, and people of Louisiana.

And he tells stories that matter.

Stories that make listeners laugh, think, and sometimes cry.

We’re honored that you are considering using our services.  To help get started, scroll down to learn more.  By all means, you can contact us at:   curt@creekbank.net  or 318.623.3778.

Curt’s Promise to You:

  1. Tell compelling stories that connect with the audience.

2.  We speak at dozens of events and understand the timeliness of your program. We will end on time with listeners wanting more.

3. Share stories that are inspiring yet not preachy. As requested, we’ll share references from similar groups to yours.

4.  Arrive early and stay late.  We naturally enjoy meeting folks and making friends. Your audience will have a chance to interact with Curt and share their own stories.

Listen to Curt share “Watch Out for the Fish.”

What we expect from you:

  1.  Set up     Please have a working audio system with personnel present to operate.  If requested, have a video setup (screen/videoprojector/computer).

2. Book Table   Please have a table in a high traffic area to display our books.  We’d appreciate a group member            manning the table before and after the program.  Curt will gladly give an autographed book to this helper.

3. Honorarium/Travel   When possible, we always appreciate an honorarium of at least $100.  Due to the nature of some events (schools and civic clubs) this can be waived or discussed.

These are some of the groups we often speak to:

Civic/Service Clubs  Civic clubs meet weekly and are always in need of speakers.  Curt enjoys the challenge of speaking to noon and evening groups such as Rotary and Kiwanis.

Senior Adult Groups    Many church and community groups meet monthly for lunch and a program.  This is one of our favorite meetings to speak at.

School Groups   Curt’s background is as a teacher/coach and high school principal.  He always enjoys sharing with school groups about writing, publishing, journaling, and historical fiction.

Libraries    Libraries are an author’s best friends. We’re always ready to partner with our state and school libraries.

Book Clubs       Curt’s three historical fiction titles are always popular with local book clubs.  Learn more about this partnership here. 


Possible Topics

Stories of Louisiana

Deep Roots is my (Curt) favorite of our short story collections.
Deep Roots is my (Curt) favorite of our short story collections.

Travel Stories from Africa.   We’ve just returned from a three-year mission in Africa.  Our latest book, Trampled Grass, shares about this time.



History of Louisiana and World War II

A Spent Bullet, our most popular historical novel, tells the memorable story of the Louisiana Manuevers in the months leading up to Pearl Harbor.

Our stories come from our all of our twelve published books.  Take a look at them here or our Amazon page.

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To learn more about Curt’s speaking and writing, visit the Creekbank About page.


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