A Day In The Life Of A Writer

Curt in one of his “offices” Thur. Oct. 22
Lake Charles, LA

I am so privileged to write for a living. It is my calling, but I try to never forget what a joy and honor it is to write. You see, I’m “writing for a reason.”

My reason to write is to honor God and connect to the hearts of readers. To all of you who read my blogs and encourage me, I say thank you!

This morning (Thur. Oct. 22) I’m writing from one of “my offices”: the lobby of the Best Western Richmond Suites Hotel in Lake Charles. When I’m here in town (one hour from Dry Creek) I stop in to write and catch up on paperwork. As you can see from the above photo, I have a corner (notice it’s near the Community Coffee urn) where I can write in glorious seclusion.

It’s more than ironic that yesterday I wrote in the woods: on the porch of “The Old House” in Dry Creek, slapping at mosquitoes as I typed away on A Spent Bullet my current “WIP” (Work in Progress).

Back to the Richmond Suites: It’s located at the intersection of Hwy 171 and I-10. It has a lovely lobby and friendly staff.

In the past I always parked my truck in the front parking lot. Once while here, my wife DeDe called on my cell, “What are you doing at the Best Western Suites?”

I could hear several of her teaching friends giggling in the background. They were returning from a teacher’s meeting and saw my iconic truck (Tan 2001 Dodge Dakota) in the parking lot.
Fortunately, I’d told DeDe before that I sometimes used the hotel lobby as my office.

Her friends got a kick out of it. DeDe made me promise to “park around back where the whole world won’t be talking.”

It’s raining hard here today with a tornado watch until the afternoon. I have four meetings later in the day (I’ll keep you posted) I’ve sitting here writing as the rain pours outside. Soul music is playing over the lobby sound system. (They have two CD’s. I’ve memorized most of the songs from days in the corner.)

Write on.
I’m thankful.


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