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Holding the Rope

A word from Curt


We all need it.

Prayer.  It’s not the only thing we can do, but it is the most important.

Here are several prayer needs:

  1. Our son Terry and his precious wife, Sara, lost a baby.  Sara had emergency surgery after an ectopic pregnancy ruptured.  Pray for Sara, Terry, and their daughter, Emma.  They are grieving and will appreciate your prayers.  Sara’s mother, Helen Knuckles, is with them in North Carolina. Pray for Helen also.  Terry and Sara are preparing to move to Boston later in the summer. Please pray for this move.
    Emma Iles with Spot.  Wake Forest, NC.
    Emma Iles with Spot. Wake Forest, NC.
  2. Tonight (Sunday) I lead a weekly Bible study in our home.  We’ll be studying Jesus healing the paralytic in Mark 2. Pray for our new friends who attend.
  3. This week I’ll be at Living Waters Baptist Camp’s Kids Camp as missionary. Pray for me as I prepare and share.


4. Pray for the final stages of printing our latest book, Trampled Grass.

Final cover of Trampled Grass.
Final cover of Trampled Grass.

About Curt Iles

I write to have influence and impact through well-told stories of my Louisiana and African sojourn.

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